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There are hundreds of thousands of highly skilled people
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From: David Blaze
Monday 16:15

Dear Friend,

Most people spend far too long working IN their business rather than on it (I'm sure you've heard that term before!).

The fact is if you aren't outsourcing because you don't think it can help you or you don't like trying new things or relinquishing control, then you are missing out on a major opportunity! Outsourcing is not a 'nice to have' or something to think about 'one day', it is what helps you to grow your business, free up your time and annihilate your competition.

Outsourcing doesn't have to be difficult either, in fact with a few good people in place you'll wonder how you ever survived without them! Oh sure there will bumps along the way until you get things running smoothly, there always are, but I'm going to show you the bumps I encountered so you can steer well clear of them and have a much smoother ride!

Introducing 'Outsource Bible'

Outsourcing is all about leveraging other people's time to make YOU money, it is about getting people to do things faster and better than you could hope to do them so your time is freed up to do those jobs that only you can do, the make or break business stuff.

Wouldn't it be great to take a day off safe in the knowledge
others are building your business for you

When you first start an online business then you inevitably try to do everything yourself, you can't afford to outsource, you don't think you know how to outsource, and you want to learn how to do the things you need to do. At first that is probably the way it should be done, for the things you can easily learn then I advise you do, at least then later on when you do outsource you will know what is involved and if you are getting a fair price and a good job done.

But you can't keep on like that, you quickly become a bottleneck, suddenly there is always 'so much to do' and your projects suffer, your profits stagnate, you reach a glass ceiling and you don't even realise it, you just struggle on day by day trying to get through your monster 'to do' list and cursing as your competition seem to effortlessly beat you at every turn.

My guide can help you get out of that self-imposed prison, here is what you could be learning just minutes from now:

How to using outsourcing to scale up to a 7 figure business!
The one place nobody thinks of looking to get dirt cheap and quality freelancers
The seven deadly sins of outsourcing and how you can avoid each one for explosive growth...
The one quirk with outsourcing sites that if you fall foul of will make you pay way over the odds (a rookie mistake!)
The 3 types of tasks that you definitely should be outsourcing, and the 1 type of task you definitely shouldn't! (get this wrong and you might as well not bother hiring any help at all)
The 6 easy steps to write the perfect job spec so you get low quotes and freelancers fighting with each other to work with you
The one thing you can do to make sure you get perfect work back every time - no matter how hard the task is you set them... (easy to do but saves so much hassle!)
One mistake people make that almost guarantees you will lose your best outsourcers over time...
and so much more!

Fast Action Bonuses!

Bonus #1

One sneaky trick you can use to get local businesses practically begging you to take their money and work with them, yet you didn't even try and sell them anything...
A simple way to sell pre-packaged traffic to local businesses and have them fight over you for it.
How to quickly establish yourself as an expert using an incredibly simple greyhat technique...
The smart way to drum up business face to face, if you do it like everyone else you'll be wasting a serious amount of time!
Where to outsource most of your work to so you can work less yet make more money...
The 4 ways to expand your new business so you can build it as big as you want!
How to dominate the search engines for your client quickly and easily so you can collect those checks
How to get clients to pay you every month for simple services so you can build up a nice reliable income without ever getting another client!

Bonus #2

How to build your membership site using a Wordpress plugin so you can get your site up and running in minutes!
A sneaky way to get months and months of content ideas that people will love, for free, in seconds!
How to get get expert content without being an expert yourself...
How to use the best selling books in your niche to make you look good!
The 4 steps you need to take if you want to maximise the chances of the niche you pick being a huge success (picking a good niche is half the battle!).
The one goldmine where you can not only get red hot research but also where you can tap into a steady stream of potential customers for free!
The two step email system you can use to make sure your members stay for longer (which means more cash in your bank account!)
A promotion method and membership platform you can use together to suck in hordes of potential members every day for free!

Bonus #3

The 4 step process to siphon people off Google and practically march them through your affiliate link with their credit card in their hand
The subtle ninja mind tricks that can help maximise your conversions and your profits!
How to write content lightning fast so you aren't slaving over the keyboard all night.
The secret keyword density I use that everyone else would be shocked at...
The two C's you must follow to avoid dud keywords which waste your time and unearth golden keywords which bring you in cash not just traffic
The quickest way to build quality backlinks to get your pages ranked!
The top 5 sites I recommend to grab top rankings and bring in the traffic, plus how to find the rising stars before your competition gets to them!
How one small change in how you target your pages can have a huge effect on your profits. (most people never consider this!)

Bonus #4

How to get an expert to make your product for you and be glad they did!
The one piece of software that can make you super fast products which sell for a premium price every time! (people are slow to catch up on this one)
Why letting someone else sell your product could be the best decision you ever made...
How to take other people's work and profit from it... (totally whitehat!)
The one type of product which is usually overlooked but can be made superfast and people buy like hot cakes!
One type of product which people often overlook as trash, but one man's trash is another man's treasure!
How a simple shift in mindset can give you multiple new products to sell!
The one mistake product creators are making which is crushing their online profits...

Bonus #5

The top 7 PLR mistakes people make which stop their success dead in its tracks!
How to avoid the 'PLR Blackhole' which saps your time and energy but gives you nothing back in return... (I've suffered through this and I don't want you to!)
The 5 step system I use every time to create high priced unique products from any PLR I buy (brutally effective!).
The one secret you need to know to turn your little PLR product into an empire that others can't compete with (so many people get this wrong!)
8 of the best ways to use PLR so you can make sure you get the most money out of every item you buy.
How to spot the rights you need so you don't end up buying dud PLR you can't use for anything!
One simple way to turn around and make some quick cash off almost every PLR report you buy...
2 ways to use PLR to drive your affiliate commissions through the roof!

Bonus #6

How to build traffic sucking Wordpress blogs which get free traffic from the search engines to send to your CPA offers and make you cash!
How to fast track your application into any CPA network and instantly make yourself more likely to get accepted.
The single biggest mistake people promoting CPA offers through their own websites make, and how you can avoid doing the same!
The dark side of CPA, which offers you might want to avoid if you want to stay out of trouble...
Why building one large site could seriously harm your chances of making big money with CPA...
The one rookie mistake people make when checking links which leaves them swimming with the sharks when they expected minnows...
Why targeting the right keywowrds can make or break your profits and how to find those golden keywords that convert like crazy...
2 tweaks you must make to your blog if you want Google to reward you with tons of free traffic (simple tweaks but crucial to your success!).


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Imagine Having Other People Doing the Jobs You Hate!

Let's face it, we all have things we hate doing. That is just life, but when we don't like doing something we take longer to do it, we drag our heels on starting it, we mess around on forums or do other work that isn't anywhere near as important. If you outsource it then it gets done quickly and efficiently while you just do the things you enjoy doing - how cool is that!

Now I know you are thinking that you need money to outsource, and yes you will need some capital to outsource, but you can just reinvest your profits as you make them into outsourcing, which will hopefully make you more money which you can then use to outsource even more! It is an upwards spiral rather than the downwards spiral you were locked in when you were working yourself into the ground!

There is no perfect time to start outsourcing, but if you don't start
soon then your competitors are probably already doing it!

Using outsourcing to get more done than your competitors is a secret, a big hairy secret that sits right out in the open and people walk right past all day long and never notice. If you can get more done than your competitors, more advertising, more connecting with your target consumers, more raising brand awareness and recruiting affiliates to promote you product, more product development and more testing, then you can leave them in the dust like they are probably doing to you right now.

But we both know it can't be that easy right? And you probably think you have heard all about outsourcing before, so how about this guarantee for peace of mind then:  


Rock Solid 60 Day Guarantee

The risk is totally on me, unless you are absolutely thrilled with the results of this book then at any time within 60 days of purchase just shoot me an email and I will refund every last cent to you.

No questions asked.


Every day people are snapping up fantastic freelancers that
could be working on your projects instead

Think about it, what could getting help to grow your business achieve, a 10% increase in profits? 20%, 30% - what about the fact you can compound that by reinvesting the increased profits into more help until your business is crushing your opposition and siphoning money into your bank account - how much is that worth to you?

I'm here to run a business so I can't just give the information away for free, but then this priceless information could help you out so much that I don't want to price it out of people's reach, so $17.95 sounds fair to me, I get a fair pay for my work and you get your hands on some golden outsourcing information that will save you countless wasted hours making the same mistakes I did!

If you want to grow your business then you need
"Outsource Bible"

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 "Outsource Bible"

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Are you going to struggle on by yourself or finally embrace what
millions of businesses all around the world already have?

We can't be experts at everything we need to do to run a successful online business, we all have our strengths and weaknesses, the faster you can plug those weaknesses by leveraging the strength of others then the quicker you can supercharge your results and become unstoppable!

Don't you owe it to yourself to start outsourcing today?

David Blaze

P.S. Don't forget I shoulder ALL the risk here, unless you are absolutely blown away by the information then you don't pay a penny - it's as simple as that!

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P.P.S  Every second you don't have this information you are missing out as more and more businesses start outsourcing in your niches - take back control now!


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